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Drawing Enhancement (5-week course)

  • Yardley Arts, The Old School Hall The Square Northampton, England, NN7 1EU United Kingdom (map)

A ‘refresher’ or ‘get you started’ course in five parts, which builds on and develops skills you may have previously learnt. You’ll experiment with a variety of mediums and different applications, and the enjoy the introduction of colour to drawing. It’s a drawing course designed to increase your confidence - be prepared to make lots of mistakes and do lots of practice.

We’ll be using pencil, graphite, charcoal, putty rubbers and hard rubbers, A3 cartridge paper and masking tape.

©Samuel Castro via  Unsplash

©Samuel Castro via Unsplash

Dates and times

Wednesdays, starting 5 June, from 7pm to 9pm, weekly. Ends on 3 July.

What to bring

There is no need to bring anything for the course itself as all materials will be provided, but please wear clothes you don’t mind getting a bit of charcoal on.

To draw we need to learn how to ‘see’, to do this we need to understand the five perceptual skills of drawing
— Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Course outline (edges, spaces, relationships, lights and darks, and the whole)

Week one - Looking and questioning

Experimenting with alternative marking tools, observing the environment for natural marks, and identifying natural lines around us.

Using a variety of materials, bring your suggestions for making marks to experiment with, A3 cartridge paper/pad.

Week two - Breaking down shape and space

Drawing in colour, exploring and combining shapes, setting up and using a simple still life, understanding how to use colour.

Using coloured pencils, coloured chalks, putty rubbers and hard rubbers, masking tape, A3 cartridge paper/pad.

Week three - Scale

Building on the basic skills of perspective and proportion, practice using the tools of sighting, and finding a basic unit. Using scale and framing to add theatre or focus in your drawing.

Using pencil, graphite, coloured pencils, charcoal, putty rubbers and hard rubbers, A3 cartridge paper/pad.

Week four - In between the lights and darks

Looking at how light and shadow affects colour, finding the right tone in colour for shading, and highlighting. When to use different coloured paper for your drawing, and why.

Using coloured pencils, coloured chalks, putty rubbers and hard rubbers, coloured paper, masking tape, A3 cartridge paper/pad.

Week five - Creating your masterpiece

The final session of the course offers you the opportunity to focus on exploring your own creativity, by providing you with a framework for planning and preparing a drawing. All the learnt perceptual skills of drawing will be brought together and applied to create a confident drawing, in your choice of medium.

Using, a choice of materials, and subject of your choosing.

Course cost

£75 per person (including all materials).

Fully booked

How to book

Booking is through Yardley Arts, you can either email or book online by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button below. Spaces limited to 12 people, so book early to avoid disappointment.

About the tutor

Sarah Wright has over 20 years experience of delivering workshops and classes in basic drawing, mark making, and life drawing. Her teaching focuses on using the five perceptual drawing skills, enabling and preparing you with looking skills, encouraging questioning of what you are seeing, and providing you with a new language and a different approach. She is always keen to celebrate the mistakes, highlighting the value of the artistic process, and creating a comfortable environment for all to critically review and evaluate artwork with the individual and group.

Sarah’s own art practice always starts with drawing. She says that drawing provides a framework for looking at something differently, and a space for the subconscious to take time out from the usual and expected. Drawing has helped Sarah to deal with difficult issues, giving her a neutral space to consider and reflect in. It can do the same for you.

If you have any questions beforehand, you can contact Sarah by email: